Full Sized Headphones

Are you having hard time choosing the perfect set of headphones? Just remember that whenever the sound is closer to your ear, the clearer the sound. This is why full sized headphones are better than any other kind of headphones. It delivers noise isolation and it will not only be enjoyed by music enthusiasts but also game freaks. Full sized headphones achieve the quietness your ear needs to pick up music better because they are typically made of large ear cups that fully encloses the ear. Therefore, providing better and clearer sound quality. They also come with greater amount of padding to provide cushion to your ear for comfortable use. Generally, they also provide a more realistic sound than any other headphones because it is free from outside noise.

Full sized headphones can either be closed back and open back or wired and wireless. In order for you to choose which ones suits your needs, read on below.

Open Ear Headphones

This type of headphone has vent enclosures that allows external noise into your ear. This will allow the music you are listening to leak through these vented enclosures. It’s main feature is to produce clear music naturally. The sound waves can move freely thus resulting in lesser sound reflections off the back-end of the ear cups.

Although this is often regarded as an accurate sound, this is not suitable for places such as offices and libraries where others can be distracted by the sound leaking through the vents. Plus, not the best choice when in public places since noise from the environment can be heard through the vented enclosures. Open back headphones can serve you best for home use where you cannot disturb anyone, or in a studio when mixing music.

Close Ear Headphones

Close back as the name suggests are designed to reduce the effect of external noise. It is made from sealed ear cups that act as a complete barrier to outside noise. Thus it will provide you with the benefit of complete isolation. If you want to listen to your music without distraction, then close back headphones are best for you. They are useful in places like offices, libraries, public places, and airplanes since it will not disturb anyone while listening to your favorite music. You may turn up the volume without annoying everyone that surrounds you.

Even though it provides complete noise isolation, the sound it produces is more “boxy”. Unlike the open back, the sound waves have limited area to move, and so the sound will bounce off of the back of the ear cups, and “echo” back to the ear. This will produce a more unnatural sound. Nowadays, there are models of close back headphones that are designed to capture the natural sound Best Closed-Back Headphones.

Wired or Wireless?

If you want to eliminate those pesky wires that go with your full sized headphones, you may opt for wireless headphones. Although the undesirable wires are removed, some models fail to capture the great sound quality that is produced including the frequent sound dropouts and limited volume output. You will also have to consider the weight. Because the batteries add more weight to the headphones a few people complain about it over longer periods of time.

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